Good morning readers! Just two more pieces of information to complement my last post entitled “Facebook: Friend or Foe”.

In my last post I reference one teenage suicide in the Halifax region last week; there were actually two teenage suicides last week and both funerals were this past weekend. It is not clear if both are somehow linked to cyberbullying; however, there is certainly the perception that at least one of these suicides may be linked to this. This is certainly a tough week for many students at teachers in Halifax region schools and prayers for them would be much appreciated.

Secondly, has followed up their Facebook depression article with another article yesterday. This one is called “Monitor Facebook use by teens” and can be found at ( The bulk of this article is reiteration from previous articles, however, there is a sidebar included with some very practical advice for parents and teenagers regarding Facebook use. It is certainly a worthwhile read and a great complement to the suggestions that I have put forth for safe social networking.

Have a great day!