This week at Monkey Barrel we continued to PURSUE the mystery of the messiah in our small groups. We looked at the second mystery: the messiah is a king!

Lets take a little history lesson to uncover this. The Jewish people from the Old Testament of the bible were obsessed with a particular religious image. It was not a cross (like we have in our churches today) but rather it was a…….throne! A throne? What could this have to do with God?

Well, the throne was a symbol of someone in power or authority. We do not talk so much about kings and queens today; even when we do they do not have the same authority that has been attributed to them in the past. Today’s royal families are more like celebrities than ruling authorities.

King David was the second king of Israel (over the Jews). An amazing thing took place during David’s reign: the prophet Nathan (no, not Pastor Nathan) revealed that God had intended one of David’s ancestors to remain on the throne of authority over Israel forever…..that means even to this present day. This was an amazing promise and the Israelites were looking forward to having a powerful king to lead them all their days. This is why the symbol of the throne was so important to them. You can read about this in 2 Samuel 7:8-17.

God, however, had a slightly different meaning than what the Israelites understood. It was true that an ancestor of King David would rule over Israel forever…and it is true that an ancestor of King David STILL DOES rule over all of Israel and beyond…and this is the mystery.

Jesus Christ (the messiah…remember from last week?) came to earth and took on humanity just over 2000 years ago. And wouldn’t you know…his genealogy (his family background) goes all the way back to King David. Jesus Christ was a descendant of King David. AND…….Jesus Christ was called the King of the Jews. Despite what the people were expecting, Jesus Christ’s kingdom would not be characterized by a throne on earth as we understand it, but rather it would be characterized by something totally different: the kingdom of heaven.

Other kings and people in authority here on earth can fail us from time to time. Even King David in the bible failed his people. Jesus Christ however is the king…of all kings. He is the one who never fails and his kingdom will never end.

When looking for a king to trust in, you can count on Jesus Christ!