There is a new movement concerning Canadian education attempting to get off the ground: Teach for Canada. The premise is this: while Canadian schools have some of the best track records worldwide, there are also some striking inequalities within the school system. For example, Aboriginal students are significantly less likely to complete High School than other Canadians. Low income and rural students are also disadvantaged within our school systems which leads to an unfortunate waste of potential talent that could emerge if it were given the opportunity to be shaped in more constructive ways.

Kyle Hill (my brother), Oxford graduate and current Sauvé Scholar ( residing in Montreal, QC, is one of the individuals driving this cause. He and Adam Goldenberg are applying for a Pepsi refresh grant of $100,000 to establish Teach for Canada which will then carry on to ensure that high quality educators find their way into the disadvantaged schools within Canada.

This is truly a noble dream and a great effort on the part of the organizers. It will only become a reality, however, should they be successful in acquiring a Pepsi Refresh grant…and they will only acquire this grant if we vote for them.

You can visit the website for this grant application at You can also follow Teach for Canada on Twitter (!/TeachForCanada). If after you read the contents you find as I do that this is a great cause, take 15 seconds and vote; you can continue to vote once each day until the end of June. The project is currently ranked at #22 nationally and must reach #1 if it is to be successful. With your votes Teach for Canada has the potential to impact Aboriginal, rural, and low-income students for a lifetime.

Stay tuned for updates!