Good afternoon folks! Sorry for the short delay of my afternoon post…it has been eventful:) To belay all of your worries about your own children I will settle your nerves and tell you that it was in fact MY daughter who spent the day at the hospital. It seems like she has a desire to steal the show wherever she goes; this morning as we were all preparing to depart for the morning session Sophia decided to have an allergic reaction to her antibiotic that was prescribed to her on Thursday this past week. She was speckled with a million red hives and was slightly swollen; Mandy took her to Waterloo’s emergency room at the advice of the telehealth clerk. Mandy and Sophia returned at 4:30 this afternoon and all is well. Phew!

The morning session with Rich Wilkerson was great: he used the story of Abraham from Genesis (God’s promise to give him a son despite his advanced years) to encourage the students to dream big dreams for their lives and not to discount a passion that is in their heart because if God put it there is certain can come to pass. We ended with a prayer and worship time together.

This afternoon some students spent time at the mall, some went to sports and/or music workshops at the convention center, and others returned to the hotel to pull a prank. It was harmless really…but good. I’ll tell you more about it later (or your kids can).

We are heading out to Swiss Chalet for dinner now and then back to Overflow. I’ll provide another midnight update tonight!