Rise and shine! Its just need 6.5 hours since my last post but I am once again up, showered, and dressed. I thought that since I have a free moment before breakfast I would give you another Overflow update.

The past 6.5 hours were quiet…no troubles worthy waking up the youth pastor and so I would say that it was a great night. All of the kids slept the whole night through and Sophia awoke with a smile and a giggle (much to our pleasure). Thanks for your prayers!

I am anxious to see the state of the students as we head down to the foyer for breakfast…I glanced at facebook this morning and noticed that there was activity on JB’s facebook at 3:30AM…..hahahahaha. I can’t imagine that she would have got much sleep; nevertheless, the day must go on! I am sure the picture in this post will describe a number of the students today.

We head out at 9AM for another session with Rich Wilkerson and the house worship band. I’ll write again this afternoon from the mall.