As I promised earlier today, here is my ‘just after midnight’ post regarding today’s activities. We all just got back to the hotel and are now snuggled into our beds. All except for me that is; I am snuggled in the foyer to quickly give you this update before retiring to my room for the night.

Dinner was great at Wendy’s…it was a wonderful tropical experience. The combination of the high humidity, tons of teenagers in one place, and not so great air conditioning made dinner feel like a missions trip! Nevertheless, we all survived and arrived at Overflow just before 7PM.

Despite all the fun and crazy stories that will come out of this weekend, overflow is a deeply spiritual event as well. In keeping with this, our district youth director (Mark Colwell) hosts pre-service prayer for the pastors and leaders that they bring. Since we cannot all go to prayer (and leave the kiddies unattended) I took KR to prayer with me tonight where we asked that God’s will would be revealed to the students, the worship band would work well as a unit, and that Rich Wilkerson would be able to deliver a moving message. The worship time was inspiring and Rich Wilkerson’s message was very straightforward. He spoke from Genesis 3 (Adam and Eve’s sin) and simply stated that while humanity has messed things up and continued to mess things up there is a God who offers a free gift of grace that can get us out of this rat race of mess. The response to this message was that several hundred students indicated that they needed this grace to be more evident in their lives- several from our youth ministry indicated this as well.

(p.s. Rich Wilkerson is younger than me…this is the first time that the Overflow speaker has been younger than me and married for fewer years than me…this is a new bitter-sweet experience that I am still processing.)

After the prayer time we were entertained by an improv group and then we headed back to the hotel where we presently are (with a short midnight stop at Timmies!)

An interesting sideshow to the evening was my precious daughter Sophia. She decided that though there were four wonderful little ones for mommy to play with tonight (CM, GM, & my son Ben) SHE was going to steal the show. Though I was not here to witness it she apparently let everyone know that she was most important and really threw the rest of them for a loop. If you could pray for Sophia’s ear infection and general mood that would be much appreciated: by both me AND Mandy.

It is so nice to be able to travel with my family and I would not trade it for anything but these are the bumps in the road that we face from time to time. Your prayers are appreciated!

I am off to bed to get a solid 6 hours of sleep before we are up and at it again. Stay tuned for my Saturday PM post from the local shopping center where some of us will be chilling for a few hours after lunch.

~night night

p.s. photos will have to come later as it seems that Mandy’s camera is not mac friendly…hmmm…..