Well, we survived; all of us! This morning we had the opportunity to sleep in an extra hour but oddly enough I do not think that anyone took advantage of this. I myself was up watching Handy Manny and coloring on paper at 6:45AM because Ben decided to crawl out of his playpen at that hour.

We had a pleasant surprise this morning with breakfast as there were edible muffins and juice when I went down! Yesterday I bit into what I thought was a chocolate chip muffin only to find out that it was a carrot raisin muffin…what a let down.

This morning was a great time in worship at Overflow and Rich’s message was a great sendoff for the event. This morning Rich spoke to the students about being ‘fishers of men’. Not only had we been challenged to follow God throughout the weekend, this morning we were given the details of the mission: share the gospel with those who have not yet heard. This might be difficult sometimes however we need to persevere despite all odds and learn that failure is not a reason to quit. Rich told us a story about his family and where he obtained his courage: his father would wake him and his brother up at 7AM on Saturdays to go door to door witnessing…most often he would get the door slammed in his face but he did not let this deter him from other pursuits which have brought him from Miami to our convention speaking to us today.

Immediately after the conference ended we headed out of the city to grab some lunch. We enjoyed a few Chinese fire drills on the way out of the city (don’t ask because you really, really do not want to know) and then made our way to Woodstock for lunch. Your prayers for safety were appreciated as one of our vehicles was almost run off the road by a transport who decided that he would like to merge into our lane while we were still there…a few quick corrective maneuvers including the horn and and some loud talking (in addition to God’s protection) and we were out of danger.

I am now at home in my bed and am preparing for a long, long sleep. Overflow was great this year…it just may have turned a corner in my mind from an entertainment venue to an event that does have significant spiritual content. Pastor Mark Colwell has been striving for this for many years and this year was the best that I have witnessed in my five years at Overflow.

For all the students, do not forget to live out the great things that took place in your life!