Just one final update regarding our weekend at Overflow….Saturday evening there was an offering taken for two particular missions projects. The first was a continuation of the ‘Just Add Water’ campaign that youth ministries all over Canada have been contributing to for many years now. The goal for this project was to collect money to provide a community in Africa with a well and thus clean drinking water. The cost of this was $18,000.

The second project that the students at overflow adopted was to provide food relief to communities in Uganda as they have been experiencing devastating drought and famine for a long, long time. Therefore, any additional fund collected in the offering would be distributed to Uganda through the organization ERDO (Emergency Relief Development Organization)…and get this: the Canadian government will match each $1 raised with $4 of government funding! There was real potential here to invest a significant amount of money into communities who need it most.

After the offering was taken and counted the total was ~$47,000 with more still trickling in as overflow ended. That means that the well is taken care of and the people in Uganda will receive $150,000 worth of food relief once our money is added with the government funds.

It is amazing that teenagers can come together and make such a significant impact!