So, the world did not end after all…what a bummer. What a bummer for all those folks who donated all kinds of money for the 5000+ billboards distributed all over the world (literally!). What a bummer for all those folks who really believed this (despite what their Scriptures said) and now will be timid to show up in public. What a bummer for all those folks who may have quit their jobs or gone on crazy vacations assuming they would not have to pay their bills. What a bummer for those who pre-paid pet care facilities to come and rescue their pets after the rapture; yes, I really did read a news story about this and I am now sorry that I did not save the link to prove it to you. One guy decided to set up a small online business where for $135 he would collect and take good care of your pet in a post-rapture situation. He said in a news report that his clients (some 250 folks) are going to be disappointed twice today; once when they realize that rapture did not happen and a second time when they realize that he does not do refunds.

In the aftermath of all of this I have to ask myself: what was Harold Camping thinking? I read a post today that suggested that Camping was pulling a huge publicity stunt for his radio network; plain and simple. Perhaps an aging Harold Camping decided that he wanted his life’s pursuits (Family Radio) recognized by the masses just once before he died; I have to admit that I had never heard of Family Radio nor Harold Camping prior to this all of this. Today there are atheists, agnostics, pastors, common folks…everyone really is talking about this thing that did not happen. Could this have been a potential motivation? Or, as Scripture warns us, was Harold Camping simply misguided and a false prophet. I am not sure which outcome I would be happier with.

Hopefully this whole ordeal, now behind us, has caused some folks to consider the reality of “what if”? What if it was true? Where would my life be now? If just one person reconsiders the direction of their life as a result of this I suppose we could say it has not all been a loss.

Get ready for round two of the end of the world…2012 and the end of the Mayan calendar is just a year away!