Good morning folks! Its been a while since I posted but I am sneaking a quick one in this morning before we all get up and get ready for church. Its been almost two days since we have arrived in Halifax for our vacation and it is nice to be ‘home’ for a visit. People always ask what is different about the Maritimes versus Ontario and sometimes I am at a loss because there are so many similarities; however, the first day that we were here two things emerged loud and clear. Here they are.

When traveling through New Brunswick, Benjamin all of a sudden got very quiet and sad in the back seat. We thought that perhaps he was carsick because he looked like he might barf at any moment. So, we pulled off in Sackville, New Brunswick to get him a milkshake from McD’s to help his stomach. I wanted to make these stops as quick as possible so that we did not loose time and so when waiting to make a left turn into McD’s I was annoyed that the oncoming traffic stopped right in front of me. I said to Mandy, “What are these people doing? Just GO so I get into McD’s!”. Then it dawned on me…even though this long line of oncoming traffic clearly had the right of way, they were stopping to let me turn left. That is something I haven’t experienced in a while:)

Neither have I had to stop at crosswalks to allow people to cross in a while; I feel bad for the poor guy on the Armdale Rotary yesterday whom I came to a screeching halt for.

Aside from traffic, I have one additional story. The first night we were here I had to run down to the new Canadian Tire in Tantallon to pick up some child proof doorknob covers so that Ben did not escape from his room in the night and turn Nana and Papa’s house upside down. While I was waiting in line at the cash the two young cashiers were chatting about their upcoming graduation from SJA High School and their fall plans to attend…….Dalhousie Universtiy of course:) And the story gets better…one was commenting that although her average was 92% she still only got a few thousand in scholarships. The other replied saying that a 92% average gets you nothing at Dal because (and I quote), “…all the geniuses go to Dal.” She was implying that all the geniuses at Dal take all the scholarship money away from otherwise great students. I was suddenly quite proud of the Dal grad ring on my right hand and thought about paying with my right hand (as opposed to my left, because I am left handed) just to show off my ring and association with Dalhousie!

I write all of this especially to those from back home in Essex who are graduating from High School this year and will be moving on to other aspirations in life. First, my apologies that none of you (to my knowledge) are going to Dalhousie…that is truly a shame. But then again Ontario has many quality institutions that rank close to  Dalhouise in the annual McLeans ranking.

On a serious note, as you leave Essex High and go off to university, college or the workplace, remember always where you came from. Remember always where you grew up, your family, and your friends. Never get to the place where you think more highly of your accomplishments in life than you ought to and never think that they make you better than those you left behind at home. Everyone has great potential to do great things with their life. It is true that some do not live up to their potential but instead of looking down on them just be thankful that you had the encouragement and support to achieve yours.You will come to cherish ‘home’ as it will be the place you can go no matter how crazy things get and you will find comfort in the familiar faces and the familiar places.

Oh, and if you really want to do something great with your life, go to Dal!