Its been a while since my last post; however, I am now back from vacation and would like to offer congratulations to all of our EDHS graduates of 2011! Last night parents, teachers and graduates gathered together to celebrate the culmination of 14 years of public school education. In the words of the superintendent of the Greater Essex County District School Board (Mr. J. Hillman), “[parents]…you can have them back now”.

A number of students from Emergency Ministries played a role in the graduation. The ceremony began with an excellent rendition of “O Canada” by Taylor Horner, one of our graduates and Emergency Ministries worship team musicians. A poem was ready by Nichole Howson, our resident Epic Book Drive coordinator. Nichole’s thirst for community volunteer activities will be missed within our youth ministry. Also recognized last evening were Michael Sheppart (who plans to…SAVE THE WORLD!!!), Jonathan Howson who will be studying accounting at the University of Windsor and Tiffani Gill-Carew who “does not want to grow up just yet” and so will be returning for just one more year of High School. A number of other individuals who have been associated with our youth ministries over the years were recognized for their academic achievements as well.

You will remember in my Blessing for our Kids post that I encouraged parents to seize significant milestones like graduation and use these occasions to encourage and pray blessings over your children. I was honored to give the invocation at the ceremony last night and I prayed that as the students pursued further knowledge and life experience that they would also “…take time to fill their souls with the giver of abundant life”. I did not say that by accident and I truly pray this for each graduating class.

To all of the graduates in 2011, congrats!!