Good morning folks. Last night at Emergency Ministries & Monkey Barrel we had a great time hanging out together and participating in a Scavenger Hunt! Congrats to the girl’s team who correctly answered all the riddles and located all of the secret stash. I must admit that I am amazed how quickly some of the teams were finished; I thought that if I made it any more difficult we would not be able to finish it in time.

For example, how did you get this one so fast: Start at the old initiation tree from last year. Walk the path towards the most danger until you come to the edge. Turn right. Walk until you see something that reminds you of the city of lost wages. Look up, look waaayyy up until you find a rainbow that is sweet as sugar. Take ONLY ONE and use this item to bribe one of the Clubhouse leaders to let one of your teammates slide down the gigantic water slide.

I thought for sure that would stump a few…

Nevertheless, a great time was had by all. Which brings me to my last point…someone left behind their pink skirt from the Children’s Place. I am sure that there is a perfectly acceptable reason why someone left youth without the skirt that they brought with them last night…and I would love for them to share how it happened… Did you happen to go on the water slide and then…end up wearing your bathing suit home? How does that happen?

In any case, you can reclaim your skirt in the lost and found…right next to the suitcase full of clothes that was left at the Fall Retreat last November that has never been reclaimed. Really, how does THAT happen!