This morning at Monkey Barrel Camp we all woke up to very mild temperatures! I say woke up…I guess that only applies to those who actually went to sleep last night. Lets just say there were many who watched the sunrise I am sure!

After breakfast and getting ready for the day we took a second look into the story of Joseph. This morning I took the kids on a field trip….

we went to Shechum to catch up with Joseph’s brothers who were tending their sheep. When we got there we found out that the sheep and the brothers were not there…and so we had to travel to Dotham to find them! When we got to Dotham we discovered that Joseph’s brothers were NOT happy to see us! They though about killing Joseph but then instead threw him into a big hole….or in our case we just threw Joseph into our fire pit.

About now you are probably wondering what on earth we were doing at camp. This morning we acted out the story of Joseph all over the campsite so that the students could ‘live’ the story and not just ‘hear’ the story. Joseph’s brothers eventually sold him into slavery to some Ishmaelites who were passing through; so much for his dreams of greatness eh?

I encouraged the students that this was not the end of Joseph’s story. He went through some difficult days and maybe the students themselves were going through difficult days with their families. However, that will not be the end of the story. In the midst of this we must always live a peace with everyone around us as much as it depends on us. There will be things we can control and things we cannot control.

The only thing we can control for sure is our reactions and attitudes! Jeff and Steph (two of our councilors) did a great job modeling this quality to our students as they reacted with nothing but class when they were being teased. I’ll let you ask them what they were being teased about…haha.

Stay tuned to see what happened next…