The afternoon at Monkey Barrel Summer Camp on Tuesday was a hot one…but we all kept cool on the giant waterslide. In addition to that we had several crazy Tug ‘o Four matches. What is a Tug ‘o Four you ask? Well, it is basically four inner tubes connected by bungee chords. Four kids get in the tubes and then run in opposite directions…guess what happens next!

In addition to the crazy games outside some of the more passive students had fun designing their own unique camp T-Shirts with our artistic leader, Linda Lalonde. We discovered that Dan Lombardo is actually a GREAT artist; he designed an authentic looking Batman t-shirt.

After eating a gourmet dinner of penne in meat sauce, salad, garlic bread, and cake (prepared by our cook Sandy Baldwin) we moved into the tent to catch the next segment in the story of Joseph. We saw tonight that even though Joseph was a slave in Egypt he still continued to live peacefully with everyone that he interacted with. Furthermore, he went out of his way to use his unique God given abilities (interpreting dreams) to help others even though he did not have to. The result of all of this: the king of Egypt recognized Joseph’s unique abilities and brought Joseph out of prison to work exclusively for him!

That is quite a twist of fate…and it all worked out because Joseph was able to keep a positive attitude and work peacefully with those around him no matter how terrible the situation was.

At the end of the evening I encouraged all the students to write a letter to a family member with whom they had been in conflict with or with whom they appreciated and wanted to thank. You should check with your students to make sure they delivered their letters!

Stay tuned for the conclusion of Monkey Barrel Summer Camp memory lane…and learn more about the other summer romance that was exposed! (…other than Jeff and Steph…)