The final day of Monkey Barrel Camp brought forth many sleepy heads. TH woke me up at 8AM as I had asked him to do the night before. When I emerged from the leader’s dorm I thought that Taylor had perhaps played a joke on me; it could not possibly be 8AM when there were only a handful of other students that were out of bed. Then I realized what had happened…

The same thing happens at every youth event. The first night no one sleeps and then the second night you cannot get people to stay up late if you paid them! After a few blasts of the siren on the megaphone most students were out of their bed and lazily chewing on their breakfast.

I had to wake the students up somehow and so Pastor Mitch led them in “Dancing Generation” and I led them in “This Is How We Overcome” prior to the conclusion of our Joseph message. This seemed to do the trick.

The biggest twist in the Joseph story took place this morning: it had been years and years since his brothers had seen him however they just happened to walk into his office one day. Lets back it up a little bit; there was a famine and Joseph’s brothers had run out of food. They heard that there was a guy in Egypt who had food and could sell them some….it turns out this was Joseph!

When his brothers saw who it was they were terrified! Any sane human being in Joseph’s position would certainly refuse to help his brothers (the one’s who tried to kill him!). Moreover, any sane human being would certainly use this situation to get revenge…wouldn’t they?

Joseph didn’t…and neither should we think that way. Joseph told his brothers that what they meant for harm God had used to save many people from the famine that was overtaking the land.

What an amazing lesson in the faithfulness of God…in persisting through tough situations…in keeping a great spirit and attitude…and with always living at peace with our families as much as it depends on us!

After this final installment of the Joseph story it was time to clean…ClEaN…CLEAN!! Here is the juicy detail that I promised in my last post: when packing up the big water slide I noticed that several smaller guys (JH, DM and TH) had tackled a significantly larger guy (KR) to the ground and was writing “K + K” on his arms…face…and neck…with a sharpie! I won’t out the poor guy on my blog but you should certainly ask who the mysterious “K” is the next time you see him.

That’s all about camp…another year done and in the books!