Many of you will remember a post from a few months ago where I highlighted a Canadian charity that my brother (Kyle Hill) and a colleague were attempting to found: Teach For Canada. The aim of this organization was to eliminate the education disparity experienced within Canadian cities versus rural areas (especially northern areas). I have noticed that there has been a renewed interest in this post recently and so I though it wise to provide an update.

At the time of my initial post there was an active application for a Pepsi grant of $100,000 to assist in the establishment of this organization. Unfortunately… when the competition closed at the end of June the Teach For Canada organization was not successful in its application.

However, despite this minor set back, Kyle has informed me that other support for this initiative has come through. A law firm in Toronto has agreed to handle the incorporation of this charity pro bono! This is a savings of about ~$10,000! I am sure that there are many other hurtles that must be overcome but this is a great first step.

As I promised before, I will keep you updated on the status of this organization. Its fundamental principles of equality and provision of quality education within our own country are truly noble pursuits that we can applaud. Here’s to Teach For Canada!