This week at Emergency Ministries we spent some time talking about a very important story…the story found in the Bible. I heard the Bible described this way by a youth pastor this week: letters from dead people. The Bible is the inspired word of God…written by people as they shared their journey of faith with us.

Many of us go to church and youth group and heard little snippets of the Bible here and other verses and stories there. Many people are familiar with Noah and the flood, Moses, Joseph, Jesus, Adam & Eve and so on. However, just knowing a piece here and there makes it really hard to get what the Bible is all about…what is the one story that the Bible is telling? What is God’s one message to us?

Can you imagine if I told you I was going to read you a story but only pages 5, 10, 15, 20…and so on? You would not have a great sense of what the story is about, would you?

Bearing all this in mind, we started with at the beginning and we started to discuss our way through all the major events or milestones of the Bible.

#1: Creation. God created everything that there is. Before creation was God because he always was around. Everything lived in perfect relationship with God.

#2: Disobedience: Eve was enticed by the serpent to disobey God and she enticed her husband Adam to do the same. The perfect relationship between God and his creation was broken.

#3: Hmmm…..we had a lot of discussion about this one. Some suggested Noah…others Moses…others Jesus. While these people are important they do not described the next major turning point in the story of the Bible.

The question is something like this: God made everything in perfect relationship with him but it got broken. What do you think his next move is?

Finally one student, TH, came up with the right answer although we did not dig into explaining why this was the right answer. I look forward to continuing this conversation next week.

p.s. Do you know what the answer is?