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The Afternoon at OFLO

Good afternoon from OFLO! We had a great time at the service this morning. Many students were praying with each other and the worship was great. I’ll give you full details later:)

For now however here is an interesting picture…I just can’t keep these two off of each other:)


The students are enjoying a fun afternoon of hanging out at the mall, the hotel and the OFLO complex. We are heading for dinner in two hours…more details later!

Well…..this is my first post of OFLO 2013 and it is already day two. This is not because I am slacking or because we have had a major issue. Rather, its just because things have been sooo busy and I didn’t get back to my room until after midnight last night!

So, let me bring you up to date. The drive up was uneventful. Really. The kids were all quiet. Really. Us leaders are still trying to figure that one out. The biggest piece of news is that someone’s guitar (not our’s) fell off their truck onto the 401….and Mandy ran it over:) No damage to the car, but the guitar will not be functioning as a guitar any longer. RIP.

We checked into our hotel and realized that there were no cots available so we had to juggle the rooms lists a little and get an extra room. No worries, we had everyone settled within 30 minutes and everyone (except Nic W, by his choice) has a bed to sleep in. Nic is sleeping on couch cushions on the floor.

We went to the world’s busiest Wendy’s for dinner and waited almost an hour in line…and then it was off to OFLO!

The speaker last night gave the students a great challenge. His message was rooted in Genesis 2 where Adam and Eve hid from God after they had sinned. He spoke to the students about fear and what that can do in our lives. He reminded us that fear causes shame (like when Adam and Eve sinned) and shame causes us to lash out and blame others (like when Adam blamed the woman for his sin). The speaker reminded the students that the opposite of fear is not faith…rather it is perfect love. Remember the Scripture, “…perfect love casts out all fear”.

The conclusion of the message was a challenge to students to embrace the confidence that comes along with God’s perfect love and to begin to walk away from living in fear of others and fear of ourselves. Many of our students responded to the alter call and prayer time for this! Almost 1000 other students responded to the alter call too….so it took a while:)

These moments in your son’s and daughter’s lives are just beginning moments, they are not ends in themselves. You can help your son or daughter to continue to live out commitments made and decisions made at OFLO by asking them questions about the spiritual content and letting them know that you are there to be their spiritual guide when they need it. That probably sounds a little scary sometimes for you…but just trust that God will give you the wisdom and insight you need for the moment.

So, here we are on Saturday morning! In 15 minutes we head to Tims to grab a quick breakfast and then we are off to OFLO again! I’ll try to sneak another blog post in this afternoon so long as I can find some WiFi.

Oh, BTW, it is Cindy’s 49th birthday today (…at least that is the story I am spreading around:). Wish her a great one:)

Take care,