I thought it might be nice to create a post describing the author of this blog and his motivation for blogging. This will be permanently attached to the “About this Blog” link on the front page so new readers will be able to quickly determine what this blog is all about.

So…here we go!

The author of this blog is Nathan Hill, the Student Ministries Pastor at a local PAOC church in southern Ontario, Canada. He enjoys music, reading, writing, and blogging about a variety of topics. He is married to Mandy who is a nurse but currently stays at home taking care of their two young children. Mandy is also a blogger and she can be found online at www.mandyhill.ca.

You will likely find several types of posts on this blog each week. Each Thursday you will find a post describing events held and topics discussed at both Monkey Barrel and Emergency Ministries the night before (Jr. High and Sr. High youth programs). This will be a great resource for students who attend and for their parents who wonder what they are up to each Wednesday evening.

The rest of the week you will find posts of faith-based commentaries on news, current events, issues related to teenage culture and parenting teens, popular media & TV, and relevant book reviews.

Your comments and thoughts are always welome. If you would like to contact the author directly you can do so at nate2381@hotmail.com.