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Rachel wins Big Brother 13!

So what do you think about that? The biggest target, the biggest mouth (at least for the first half of the summer) and the biggest fighter…I guess? Just a few days ago Rachel was award the top $500,000 prize in Big Brother 13.

Rachel’s Big Brother career has not always been stellar; she left the previous season she was on as one of the biggest villains.  No doubt that was why she was brought back on this season…ratings sure would benefit from it. It seemed from the beginning that her game play would be the same this year. She would be loud, obnoxious, a sore looser, catty, spiteful…and a whole list of other adjectives you would not want to be called. Its not that she didn’t realize who she was…she was told! She even commented through tears that all of America hated her and she found it tough to get a job after the last season.

I must admit that for the first half of the summer there was no part of me that did not want to see Rachel get kicked out of the Big Brother house. However, as the summer progressed (somewhere in mid August) I found myself actually changing my feelings towards Rachel. Or wait…was it me that changed or was it Rachel that changed?

I think after her fiancé Brendan was evicted for the second time (hahaha) Rachel realized that she had to make some changes. I think that process of change became complete when Jeff left the house; Rachel and Jordon now had something in common…and a lot more about Jordon started to rub off onto Rachel.

It seems that half way through the season Rachel stopped being all about her and actually started to play a more social game. It even appeared genuine…I think she actually started to care about the other people in the house. She also stopped trying to backstab the people closest to her. If I had to hear her make plans to backdoor Jeff and Jordon one more time I may have had a meltdown. In fact, the new Rachel even stopped mouthing off all the time…AND, she attempted to calm down Jordon when she had her very uncharacteristic blow up at Shelly. May I quote what I said as I watched that play out: “You know its gotten bad when RACHEL is the one attempting to calm someone down and bring peace to the house!”.

In short, Rachel changed. For the better. There are many lessons we can learn from Rachel and the way that she played Big Brother this season. In Rachel’s words, she was either HOH, on the block or winning the veto each week…there was no floating for Rachel.

Rachel, you fought hard and maybe even learned some life lessons in the process. Great job! Keep up the good work!

Somehow I don’t think this is the last we will hear of Rachel and Brendan…

A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger. (Proverbs 15:1)

I was first introduced to the reality television series “Big Brother” the summer before I began my fourth year of undergrad at Dalhousie University. From then on I have watched the various seasons of Big Brother of and on…more on than off. The basic premise of the show (for those who may not have watched) is that a dozen or so people who for the most part have never met before will live in a house together for the whole summer competing in competitions and engaging in a variety of power struggles to escape eviction from the house. The top winner of Big Brother will earn significant cash.

Big Brother is like a large experiment in personality clashes; I think the producers do this on purpose. On the show you will always have your share of aggressive and mouthy people, your token few older folks, a mix of racial backgrounds and some person of a religious background. This year the religious influence in the house was Keith, a youth minister (apparently), although several online biographies and certainly his womanizing behavior in the house suggest that ministry may not be where his heart really lies. I read somewhere that out of the overflow of the heart that mouth speaks. Hmmmmm.

I think my wife summed it up best: if this guy was our kid’s youth minister I think we’d look for a new church or at the very least refrain from allowing him to have any influence in my kid’s lives. Maybe that’s why in the first episode, which showed Keith at his church, he was only preaching to four students anyways; the rest already knew to steer clear.

The only redeeming quality about Keith is that his game play was so awkward and repulsive to the rest of the houseguests (and he claims to be an HR guy?) that he secured his eviction from the house last night. Now we will no longer have to endure his unfortunate behavior. (See, I said it nicely)

Big Brother, you have picked your religious folks well in the past and have included some genuine people; not so much the case this time around! Better luck next time.