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The final day of Monkey Barrel Camp brought forth many sleepy heads. TH woke me up at 8AM as I had asked him to do the night before. When I emerged from the leader’s dorm I thought that Taylor had perhaps played a joke on me; it could not possibly be 8AM when there were only a handful of other students that were out of bed. Then I realized what had happened… Continue reading

The afternoon at Monkey Barrel Summer Camp on Tuesday was a hot one…but we all kept cool on the giant waterslide. In addition to that we had several crazy Tug ‘o Four matches. What is a Tug ‘o Four you ask? Well, it is basically four inner tubes connected by bungee chords. Four kids get in the tubes and then run in opposite directions…guess what happens next! Continue reading

This morning at Monkey Barrel Camp we all woke up to very mild temperatures! I say woke up…I guess that only applies to those who actually went to sleep last night. Lets just say there were many who watched the sunrise I am sure!

After breakfast and getting ready for the day we took a second look into the story of Joseph. This morning I took the kids on a field trip…. Continue reading

By now most students from Monkey Barrel Summer Camp have all recovered from their sleepless nights and days filled with activity. Likely they have told many stories about what happened during camp; some will be true and others will probably be exaggerated. In this four part series I will give you all the ‘official’ details about camp. It is not possible to cover all events that took place but I will give you the highlights.

So…here we go!

Monkey Barrel Summer Camp opened with a splash….of sweat! The first afternoon and evening were extremely humid with air temperatures (before humidex) hovering in the low 30s (90s for those of you who use Fahrenheit). We spent some time together on the bouncing castle, which served to cool us all down a little bit! I think we all suffered a few scrapes and bruises from slipping and sliding (especially Jeff Tomlin who could not seem to stand on his two feet).

In the evening we were worshiped with music provided by Pastor Mitch and then I shared the first talk of the camp: What is a perfect family? Through studying the life of Joseph we learned that there are actually no perfect families; every family has it quirks. Joseph’s family had the unfortunate issues of sibling rivalry, parental favoritism, and a tattling little brother (that would be Joseph). However, every family also has its blessings! Students were encouraged on two different points: (1) To consider the blessings and great things about their families as opposed to focusing on the shortcomings, and (2) To consider how they can control their reactions and attitudes so that they can live peacefully with their families as far as it depends on them.

We ended the night with prayer, a campfire and a showing of the movie Earnest Goes to Camp. The students were all tucked into their beds by 11PM…although most did not fall to sleep until much, much later. Aside from a power outage around 1AM that caused the fire alarm to chirp incessantly, there were no major incidents! Thanks to the night security staff I was able to sleep soundly from 1AM until 8AM!

Check back this evening for part 2!

Monkey Barrel Summer Camp is now in full swing…and if you are reading this scheduled post it is because I have not yet located an internet connection in order to give you a full evaluation of how things are going.

Could you please pray that we will make it through the day and through the heat? Can you pray that as we continue to worship and share God’s word with the students that their hearts would be open? Can you pray that seeds are planted that bring the students closer in relationship to God and back to our Monkey Barrel program in the fall.

Stay tuned for a full update on our return later this week!

Calling all Jr. High students in Essex: MONKEY BARREL SUMMER CAMP starts on Monday!!!

This year we have a great line up of events planned for Monkey Barrel Summer Camp. Yours truly is the ‘guest’ speaker, Pastor Mitch Horner from Belle River is the ‘guest’ worship leader, a number of Monkey Barrel volunteers will be present to assist with activities and a great time will be had by all who are present!

Pre-registration is a must and so if you have not yet taken care of this please contact me ASAP! Even if you cannot get your form and money in until the day camp starts, I still need a heads up that you are coming so that we can plan for you.

There will be two teams at camp this year competing against each other for some great prizes…and a few AMAZING prizes! Stay tuned for some strange competitions this year…competitions like we have never had before at Monkey Barrel Camp!

For parents, I will attempt to provide some blog updates however being that we are at a remote camp without Internet access that may be tricky. Nevertheless, stay tuned!